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Hi Everyone,


I’m Galen Chay, a baby boomer who happens to be keen on all topics relating to fitness, good health and disease prevention.


I’ve been giving advice to folks on health and fitness forums and helping people since 2007 so starting this website was a natural progression. I want to help folks especially those, like me, who are already past 50 and finding it a challenge to be healthy, get fit and prevent lifestyle and age-related diseases.


I will share with everyone what I’ve read over the years on nutrition, health and disease prevention plus how I’ve managed to use a lot of these practical ideas and incorporated them into my daily life. I’ve used these practical health and nutrition tips to help manage my elderly parents’ chronic illnesses; my family, close friends, those in health forums of which I’m a member and clients that I’ve personally coached have also benefitted from my guidance. Hopefully I can also help you improve your health in the coming months.


I believe that as we age we need to be strict with ourselves regarding exercise and nutrition especially our diets because these will directly impact our health; being fit and healthy will enable us to enjoy our golden years.


My Personal Health & Fitness Journey


My personal fitness journey began in the late 70s when I first laid my hands on a copy of the now defunct Strength and Health magazine. I was wowed by the physiques of the bodybuilders featured inside. I then started weight training with a set of old barbell and dumbbells plus squat stands and a flat bench following workout routines from the magazine.


Before long I managed to put on some meat on my skinny frame. Besides weight training I was also running 3 times a week.


After I got married and had kids I continued this healthy lifestyle but all that changed when I took on regional responsibilities in my work where I had to travel both within the region and internationally pretty regularly. Late night and early morning conference calls plus frequent business travel took a toll of my health and my fitness became a thing of the past.


I restarted my health and fitness journey in 2007 after a long lapse of more than a decade at the age of 50, and boy, was it a tough restart! I struggled initially but slowly got back both my fitness and health through regular exercise and revamping my eating habits.


My Bout with Dengue and its Aftermath


After I slowly regained my health and fitness it wasn’t all smooth sailing.


Sometime around September 2012, I got infected with dengue fever and although the infection wasn’t serious (I didn’t have to be hospitalized like many other folks who had dengue and their blood platelets dropped significantly) I felt feverish for weeks afterwards – it was like a very bad flu that just doesn’t go away! My fever had actually subsided after 2 weeks but that feverish feeling persisted and I didn’t really feel better until the probably beginning of Dec 2012 and by then I think I lost about 8kg (about 17 pounds) because my appetite was extremely bad and I had to force myself to eat.


As I slowly recovered, a very strange thing happened: I began feeling hungry again but all the healthy food that I was eating didn’t taste good and appeal to me at all! I started to have junk food cravings! In fact the cravings got so bad that I went on a junk food eating spree for more than a year!


By August – September 2012 my health deteriorated and I had put on around 4.5 inches on my waist and by that time I knew I was addicted to junk food. I knew I had become insulin resistant because I was drinking commercial fruit juice every day. There were some days that I could finish 2 – 3 tubs of Haagen Daz ice cream in one afternoon. All my pants couldn’t fit any more and I had to buy new ones. My daugher joked that I was now looking like a “regular dad”, pot belly and all.


I got really disgusted when I looked myself in the mirror but what really woke me up was after I saw this guy on Youtube. I figured – if he could reclaim his health and get back into shape at over 60 years of age, I could also do the same.


With iron grit determination I also decided to reclaim my health and fitness back.


Long story short, I went on a low carb high fat diet and started working out again every alternate day. That was in February 2013 and by the end of May that year, I lost 5 inches off my waist, got my insulin sensitivity back and my lipid profile was back in the healthy range.


Now, I need to say upfront that most folks who go on the low carb diet for the first time won’t get the same results as I did because I’m very experienced in tweaking the low carb diet and workout for maximum fatloss, getting insulin sensitivity back and reducing blood sugar super fast.


That having said, if you follow my articles on controlling diabetes and reducing blood sugar closely, you should be able to see several point drops in your fasting and post-grandial blood glucose readings within a few weeks plus about 1 to 2 lbs (0.5 to 1 kg) of weightloss every week or so. If you have no idea on how to start with a low carb diet, I can help you; just send me an email: galen@fitandhealthybeyond50.com.


Why Should You Listen to Me?


I’m not a doctor but my family and close friends have benefitted immensely from what I’ve shared with them. Those I’ve coached and others that I’ve come into contact with in health and fitness forums have also improved their health through my personal coaching, advice, and both offline and online conversations with them, many of whom aren’t even 50 yet but have been put on medications by their doctors for chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and out-of-whack lipid profiles.


I’m concerned about such folks, especially those over 50, entering their golden years without a clue on how to really eat healthily to prevent chronic illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, hypertension and cancer.


I’ve come to realize that most folks are over reliant on their doctors to provide them with the knowledge they need to prevent and avoid chronic diseases such as those I’ve mentioned above. More often than not, most doctors are only too willing to prescribe medications, but as we all know, all medications are drugs and these have side effects that sometimes make us more sick and will negatively impact our health in more ways than we can imagine.


Mainstream nutritionists and dieticians are not much better – their prescriptions have always been versions of the outdated and ineffective pyramid diet or the newer but still ineffective plate diet that most health authorities espouse as official “healthy diet” guidelines. I say ineffective because if these diets are healthy then why are the rates of obesity and chronic illnesses skyrocketing in most of the developed world?


I hope to provide you, my readers, with up to date information and advice regarding nutrition and eating right for disease prevention so that you’ll be able to say that age is just a number.


If you need help on starting a low carb diet, please contact me by completing the contact form below or just simply email me at: galen@fitandhealthybeyond50.com and I’ll be more than happy to help.


Thank you for visiting my website and be sure to check back regularly as I’ll be updating with lots of tips on health and nutrition. If you’d like me to send you regular updates plus get my free eBook, just subscribe to my mailing list HERE, or on the top right sidebar of this page.



Galen Chay

Founder of Fit and Healthy Beyond 50.


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