telescope under 200

What telescope under 200 should I get?

Astronomy is always science that attracts human curiosity. Seeing the stars in the night sky is an interesting experience. All you need to do is prepare a perfect telescope and observation spot. Telescopes are not always as expensive as you think.

If you are looking for a telescope that suits your specific needs and provides you with the best view but not too expensive, read this article to find out what kind of telescope is under $200 you should own. Below is a list of telescopes under $ 200 rated by experts and users.


When looking at the night sky, the most interesting object is always the moon. We can see the moon with our eyes, but to see the moon closer, more beautiful and more magnificent, telescopes will always be a tool used by everyone. We will introduce you to an invented telescope specifically designed to observe the moon, the Celestron Firstscope Moon Series Telescope.

This type of telescope is made under the aesthetic Newtonian style telescope on a tabletop, Alt-Azimuth Dobsonian mount. With a compact design, this telescope is always the best choice if you want to observe the night sky when camping.

The Celestron Firstscope Moon Series Telescope is designed with 3 ”(76mm) aperture and 20mm and 4mm eyepieces, so users are provided with an extended and comfortable view. The selling price of the Celestron Firstscope Moon Series Telescope is about $54.95. 


The advantage of Celestron Astromaster 70LT is well-accessorized. The tripod of Celestron Astromaster 70LT is also very flexible and convenient. Like a tripod, the Celestron Astromaster 70LT is designed with an Alt-Azimuth tripod that is easy to adjust and fix.

Moreover, this telescope has 2 eyepieces (10 mm and 20 mm) and a powerful red dot finder. The long focal ratio of Celestron Astromaster 70LT along with the fully-coated, all-glass optics gives users better sharpness and color than other similar telescopes of the same type.

Undeniably, the Celestron Astromaster 70LT is rated as one of the best telescopes for observing the moon. Especially, when adjusted to a higher power eyepiece, this telescope can even provide decent planetary viewing. The price of this type of telescope is about $110. 


When buying telescopes, people often pay attention to the accessories of telescopes, and that’s why Meade Infinity 80mm is highly recommended. Meade Infinity 80mm has 3 eyepieces, 6.3mm, 9mm and 26mm with low, medium and high power levels. This telescope is mounted with a steel tripod on a simple Alt-Azimuth mount.

This tripod allows users to easily assemble and adjust while positioning objects in the night sky. Moreover, the Meade Infinity 80mm weighs only 19lbs so users can easily carry it on a picnic. This telescope is also designed with an erect image diagonal which makes it a great scope for terrestrial viewing.

Meade Infinity 80mm also allows users to view bright deep-sky objects like Orion’s Nebula clearly at short focal lengths. The refractor optical design offers sharp images as well with no collimation needed. The lightweight and fully accessorized Meade Infinity 80mm can work day or night, land or sky. The price of Meade Infinity 80mm is about $150.


Like the Celestron Firstscope Moon Series Telescope, the Zhumell 114 Table Top Dob is designed in a low-weight Newton style on the Alt-Azimuth Dobsonian mount, so this telescope allows users to see the moon. This type of telescope is very low weight and can be up-and-running very speedily.

It is also equipped with a 17mm and 10 mm red dot finder, so you can see this is a fully functional telescope, which you need for adventure. The current selling price of this telescope is $150.


With portability and affordability, the Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ telescope is always the right choice. This telescope moves flexibly thanks to the CG-2 Light Equator mount with slow-motion controls, so it is well suited to locating and tracking objects in the night sky.

Thanks to the built-in amplifier on the front of the focusing lens, Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ provides a longer focal length than most other 114mm aperture scopes.

This telescope includes accessories, for example, the 10mm eyepiece offering decent planetary and up-close lunar views and the 20mm eyepiece at lower power providing a wider field of view for the moon and bright deep space objects.

These eyepieces of this telescope are exactly what you need to satisfy your interest in seeing the universe. The price is about $160. 


The Meade Polaris 130 mm reflecting telescope comes with a lot of accessories while still providing great views of celestial bodies in the sky. This telescope has a large 5 “optics, so it gives users a great sky viewing experience. In terms of design, the Meade Polaris 130 mm has a German Equatorial mount with its slow-motion control knobs that make it easy for users to track objects in the night sky as they move through the sky.

To see the Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mars, and even galaxies and nebulae, users only need to adjust the three eyepieces in low, medium, and high magnifications to see different types of celestial targets. Exploring the universe through the Meade Polaris 130 reflecting telescope is a great way. The price of the Meade Polaris 130 mm is $178. 


In short, it’s all about the suggestions for the best telescopes priced below $200. I hope you find the telescope that best suits your specific needs and the amount of money you can afford. Own a telescope and start exploring the vast universe.

Epilator Vs Waxing

Is epilator better than waxing?

Currently, there are many beauty treatments for skin such as white bath, acne treatment … and hair removal is also an increasingly popular method, recently especially for women. There are many ways of hair removal at home and in the spa, but not all methods are good and reliable.

If you are wondering Is epilator better than waxing? and which is the best hair removal method for your skin, do not skip this article.

The period of hair growth

To being with, we present  3 main periods of hair growth because conventional home-based hair removal methods only remove the outer hair and cannot remove the hair follicle.

So after a short time, the hair will grow back. Methods such as shaving only remove a part of hair outside, not get to the root, so the hair will quickly grow after only 1-3 days.

  1. Early-stage of development is also called the Anagen phase. This is a period of hair growth in length and size thanks to the full supply of nutrients from the dermis.
  2. The next period is the Catagen phase. This is the stage when the germ-cells shrink, the hair stops growing and is about to move to the Telogen stage.
  3. The last one is the period of Telogen. At this stage, the old hairs begin to be pushed out and begin the pre-Anagen phase, in which new hairs are formed as a cycle restoration.

Epilators vs Waxing Hair Removal Comparison

The body hair grows too bushy in many places on the body will make you extremely uncomfortable and lose confidence in everyone. So, getting rid of obnoxious hair is what everyone wants.

However, the questions that how to remove hair, which method is safe, cost-effective and effective. There are two most common ways to remove body hair including using epilators and waxing.

Keep following to figure out which one is the best for you.

  • Use the waxing method

The wax method is also selected by many women to remove the obnoxious body hairs. This way is very easy to do at home, rather effective and longer-lasting. But it needs to be done right, otherwise, it will easily affect the skin or may not work as intended.

Hair wax can be applied to the removal of the hands’ hair very effectively. In addition, you can also use wax to remove hair on other areas such as back, eyebrows, facial hair … However, for the bikini area, you should wax hair carefully to avoid infection as well as hurt sensitive skin. 

When buying wax, you should buy the type of wax that is suitable for your skin: soft wax for the face or underarm area, hard wax better for the legs or bikini area. Make sure to buy many wax sticks and that each stick should be used only once to avoid getting bacteria from the wax that causes skin infections. 

  • Use epilator

Epilator is a better method than using a razor and tweezers. Results can be maintained for 4 weeks. The epilator removes many hairs at once and removes them to the root.

Therefore the effect time will be longer than using a razor. Hair removal with the epilator can be used in large areas such as the feet, back or arms.

Because epilators have many sizes, this hair removal method can be widely applied throughout the body such as facial hair, armpit hair, bikini area, arm hair, leg hair …

We do not need to prepare our skin before using an epilator but it is better to exfoliate a few days before you begin. It is better to take a shower and clean. These notes will help smooth skin and minimize ingrown hairs.

  • Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle.
  • Keep your skin tight. Keep the epilator following the direction of hair growth.
  • Slowly glide the epilator over your face to avoid breaking your hair. Do not press too hard on your skin.
  • the first user may be painful but then will subside and almost feel like nothing has happened.

The main plus point of epilator compared to waxing is that quickly convenient like shaving, no cost peruse, only initial investment. It does not cause burns such as wax and injuries such as razors.

The duration of action lasts up to 4 weeks. Moreover, it is very convenient when traveling. The disadvantage is that the initial cost is higher than other methods.

Attention when removing hair by epilators or waxing

Worrying about body hair makes you not confident in your favorite outfit. You are able to try these two methods above. But when choosing these treatments, there are a few things to keep in mind first:

  • Must learn thoroughly and choose the way to remove hair that suits your location and skin.
  • Do not remove hair during pregnancy, sunburn, sensitive skin, burns or open wounds, etc.
  • After applying hair removal methods, you should use a moisturizer or toner, lotion to moisturize and soften the skin, helping to tighten the pores.
  • Limit sweets, hot spicy foods; avoid prolonged stress because these things will make the body’s hormones are erratic changes, which is the cause of the rapid growth of feet’hair.


Is epilator better than waxing? Each people will have a different answer. Hopefully, this post provides you useful information about removal hair in a safe and effective way.

Find yourself an appropriate hair removal method to stay beautiful and confident. I wish the girls success!

Backpacking Sleeping Bag

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag?

When it comes to the most important components of an overnight kit, we have to mention sleeping bags. A poor sleeping bag may ruin your good night’s sleep quickly. Therefore, it’s important to look for the right sleeping bag.

As long as you have proper sleep, you can recover your body. You can also keep your body warm by using sleeping bags. This is also a great way to decrease the weight of your backcountry kit.

In this article, we are going to go over all the important points you need to keep in mind when choosing the best backpacking sleeping bags.

Sleeping Bag Types

  • Summer

This type is ideal for the temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. These sleeping bags are lightweight. Some of them bring full-length zippers, so you can zip these bags over for ventilation. They don’t have too many whistles as well as bells. They also don’t require much need for a draft collar during hot nights.

  • Three-Season

These sleeping bags are designed ideally for a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above. They work best for spring as well as fall trips. These models are known for their added features. They can fight colder temperatures such as draft collars, draft tubes, and more.

  • Winter

This type is great for 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below. They offer you all the features you can get from three-season bags. However, these models are packed with more insulation. They are heavier a bit to pack. Therefore, it’s a good idea to purchase a great compression stuff sack in order to tame it.

Insulation Type

When choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag, we have to decide which one we should go for between down or synthetic. Now, let’s take a look at points below to learn about their pros and cons:

  • Down

If you are going for the lightest insulation, consider the down type. This type is actually is more compressible compared to synthetics. This one is also more expensive. However, it is also based on the fill-power which raging between 600 and 900.

  • Synthetic

The synthetic insulation is available in various types. They are from fluffy polyester material. They are not able to absorb water. That’s why they are great for those who have to face with wet conditions. These models are heavier compared to the down. However, they are more affordable.

How to Choose the Right Shell Fabric of Sleeping Bag

This depends on your decision of which one you want between a waterproof product or not. If you like to camp with no tent and you’re living in wet conditions like the Northwest, the answer is waterproof. And, you have to pay for it if you want a shell.

Actually, a waterproof product must have a cover with a waterproof fabric. If you choose one with a breathable fabric, it can protect you from the rain. Moreover, these bags also should be seam-taped.

Sizing your Sack

Let’s take a look at below to learn about the way to choose a bag that fits you greatly so you can enjoy the best night’s sleep.

  • Try before making your purchase

You should try as many products as you can. Moreover, wear the right layers in order to have a good idea of the way the product fits.

  • Integrate the sleeping pad

For a bag with a sleeping pad sleeve, you should rig it in the store since it will decrease the interior volume of the bag.

  • Roll around

For a cold sleeper, it’s best to look for a more snug fit. These choices are also ideal for cold-weather campers. Ones that allow you to rotate your body with comfort are ideal for a side sleeper as well as a thrasher.

Sleeping Bag Accessories

  • Stuff sack: This feature is to compress your bag down so you can pack with ease.
  • Storage sack: If you leave a sleeping bag that is compressed in a stuff sack, it will insulate efficiently. That’s why some sleeping bags are designed with a large mesh storage sack.
  • Sleeping bag liner: in order to keep your sleeping bag clean, you need a soft sleeping bag liner. You can get more 8 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit of warmth if you add a liner to the sleeping bag.

How to Wash Your Sleeping Bag

Wash your sleeping bag following these tips below:

  • Read the label

It’s important to read the label. Also, you should look for advice on the website of the company. It’s also a good idea to follow the guidelines of the manufacturers.

  • Use the proper soap

You need to look for a cleaning product that doesn’t remove the essential oils from the feathers. There are some good recommendations like the ReviveXDown Cleaner.

  • Wash it

You can wash your sleeping bag by your hands in a tub. Another way is to use a front-loader. You should choose a gentle cycle. Remember to use cold water for this. Once finished a complete cycle, don’t forget to run one more rinse or more to eliminate completely soap.

  • Dry it

You should put the damp bag in a big commercial dryer on low heat. You have to check it often. It’s best to keep it in the dryer for about 30 minutes. You should keep your bag empty for a few days. When storing it, don’t forget to use a large cotton sack instead of the little nylon stuff sack used on a trip.

Tips on Choosing a Backpacking Sleeping Bag

  • Look for a sleeping pad for your sleeping bag. This item offers you more cushioning. Also, it is able to increase insulation.
  • In order to know if your sleeping bag has a waterproof shell, you can use a wet cloth and apply it to the bag’s outside. If you notice the water beading up, the bag is constructed with a DWR finish.
  • You should go for a too-warm sleeping bag instead of one that isn’t able to offer enough warmth. Actually, you can use the zippers to vent your sleeping bag during the warmer nights.


There are some important things you need to consider when choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag such as the types of sleeping bags, the type of insulation, and more. You should try many different brands of backpacking sleeping bags to make your decision with ease.

More importantly, you have to remember that we just want to keep warm when using sleeping bags. Hopefully, our guide today can help you go in the right direction, and you can make the right purchase decision after that.