You have to use your lawn mower all the summer. Then, it’s time for your machine to take a rest in the winter. Although it may be easy to put the lawn mower away for the winter, you have to take some extra care as well as consideration to keep it shielded from the changing elements.

We’re here to help you learn how to protect your mower. In this article, we will share with you some effective tips for storing a lawn mower. We will let you know how to store a lawn mower as well.

Empty out Your Mower

Run the machine out of fuel

The mower engine may be damaged by condensation inside the fuel tank. If you let it develop moisture, it can lead to clogs, corrosion, as well as other issues. Before you decide to put your lawn mower into storage, it’s important to empty it in order to avoid the risk of condensation forming.

Disconnect the spark plug

You need to give priority to disconnect the spark plug when working on the lawn mower. Otherwise, you may get a risk of the mower accidentally kick-starting. That’s why it’s extremely important to remove the spark plug.

Remove the battery from the lawn mower

It’s important to remove the battery from the mower in order to prevent it from unnecessarily draining power while it’s in storage. Also, don’t forget to use a cloth to clean the battery. By keeping it from sources of heat, fuel, and some others, you can reduce the risk of an accidental fire. Last, remember to store it in a cool and dry position.

Drain your mower of oil

You need to empty the mower before you let it be in placed into storage. The oil reservoir also should be removed. Next, tilt the machine slowly and carefully. Do this till the oil starts to drain. Then, catch the oil with a pan.

Clean and Store Your Lawn Mower

Clean the machine thoroughly

You may remove any clippings as well as debris by a spray from a garden hose. You need a tool designed especially for scraping and scrubbing in order to handle anything dried-on the bottom of the machine. It’s essential to remove the blades before you clean the underside of the mower.

Change out the air filter

In order to help it to burn gas efficiently, it’s important to keep the air filter clean. We recommend you to change out the air filter by a new one before store it. This is considered a great preparation for future yard work.

You just simply remove the air filter. Then, make the cooling fins clean. Remember to do this carefully. You will need to use a screwdriver or pipe cleaner.

Wipe down your lawn mower

You need to remove any plant materials on the surface of the mower with a cloth. Also, any messes from the last steps of preparation should be cleaned off. It’s important to keep your mower as clean as possible before you decide to put it in storage.

Cover your lawn mower

You need to give your lawn mower a breathable cover in order to avoid cosmetic damages. Also, this step helps to encourage air circulation during storage time. In addition, you can protect the mower’s blades thanks to putting a plastic or cardboard tarp under it. It’s best to consider mower covers made of canvas because this is a durable material.

Store the lawn mower somewhere dry

The fact is that the cold weather lets condensation form. This leads to serious damage to the tanks inside your lawn mower. That’s why you need to store the machine in a place that is free of moisture. Also, it’s vital to maintain a cooler temperature.

Common Mistakes when Storing a Lawn Mower

Not reading the owner’s manual

First, it’s important to follow the directions for maintenance from the manufacturer on your specific equipment. Also, you can get important user safety instructions from it. For instance, you always need to wear gloves when you complete maintenance.

Like being said that, you need to remove the spark plug wire and boot so as to avoid accidental starting as well as potential danger. In addition, you will get instructions for the perfect ways to store your lawn mower thanks to your owner’s manual.

Not taking time to thoroughly clean

Before you store your lawn mower, it’s important to remove all the grass and debris built up near components because they can lead to issues next spring. Use a hose and a small amount of car wash detergent to clean down the painted metal.

Not disconnecting the battery

Even when your lawn mower is off, a small amount of power can be in the battery. That’s why you need to disconnect the battery. We recommend you to do this during the winter. Also, keep the battery in a cool and dry place to lower the rate of the battery’s discharge.

Not changing the oil

It’s a mistake if you keep the old oil in the lawn mower for the winter. Therefore, it’s best to change the oil on the spring tune-up next year. This can help to keep the engine lubricated properly.

Not checking for damaged parts

Take your time to check your machine for damage. Then, replace any part as needed. You should replace warped or bent mower blades in order to avoid serious safety problems. If needed, take your time to troubleshoot any performance issues.


I’ve given you all the important things you need to know about storing a lawn mower. Remember to store your lawn mower in a dry area such as a shed or a garage. For riding mowers, it’s a common choice to store them outside.

However, it’s not a good idea if you want to store your mower in the winter. Follow our guides and any additional ones from the owner’s manual. Then, you can be ready for next spring mow. Good luck!


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